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About our farm
Since 2012

Rescuing animals & finding a home for them


The Irish Farm of Hope is a small animal shelter, especially for cats and dogs, located in Derrygoolin, County Galway.Founded by Kristiane Schott in 2012, she states: „We help animals in need and aim to give everything we can for each individual animal on our farm.“As we love greyhound dogs and realised how brutally they were treated by Irish racing dog breeders, we decided to help. During the financial crisis, many horses, ponies and donkeys were abandoned and left to themselves by their owners. Tha’s why we expanded our support to hoofed animals.We cooperate with many different animal centres and animal welfare groups throughout Ireland.

Due to oftentimes untrained supporters, especially the care of kittens and pups, as well as ill animals is overtaxing for many centres and individuals. That’s what we are most frequently called for.

What motivates us...

Our Mission

Hardly anybody knows that Ireland is a country where a lot of animals are living in misery. Still, since the economical crisis in 2008 the way animals are treated has drastically changed. In many cases, pet-owners, especially those having horses, 'simply' had to abandon their animals, due to their own financial situation.  Our farm is located in an secluded area and has thus become a shelter for many animals. Hungry horses and ponies visit our pastures, especially in the cold winter-monts. Often, we are the only refuge for  those Shell-shocked animals. Our motivation is to help those animals, at least to feed them. Today, many animals are brought to our farm, as in the surrounding area people do not only know about our shelter, but also trust the love and care we give every animal, as well as trying to offer them a better and happier future.




rescuing animals

Why should I adopt a pet?

giving a pet a new home

The more pets we succesfully place, the more space we can offer to other animals in Need. Nevertheless we carefully select new pet owners, as animal welfare is our priority.

How is the adoption organised?

Succesfully placing a pet in a new home, is only possible if the respective animal and humans match. That's why we will first have some conversations with you, also to settle an exact date of adoption. As we are well known with the Irish authorities, we prepare all neccessary documents. Before the adoption, your pet has to be fit and ready for leaving the country. This means that at the day of departure, the official veterinarian has to examine the pet and its chip  Another health-check has to be done within no more than 48 hours before departure. Furthermore, a spot-on against parasites, as well as a deworming treatment has to be done no more than 24 hours before. If the official veterinarian has confirmed that the pet is ready for departure, it will be transported to your country.

Which terms have to be considered?

Our animals are only available for adoption, when (in case of young ones) they are old enough to be placed somewhere else.
If you're interested in an ill animal, it has to remain on our farm until it has made a full recovery.

Can horses be adopted, too?

for horses, donkeys and ponies our farm is a sort of retirement home, that's why those animals cannot be adopted.
However they are more than happy to find a (hay-)sponsor in their old age!

How much are transportation costs?

Transportation costs vary from animal to animal, as well as destination to destination. Some new pet-owners simply visited us and took their new pet with them in their car. However we want the animal's journey to be as stress-free as possible. This is why we have decided not to offer any transportation by plane. For Germany, we cooperate with a professional and experienced animal tansport-agency. It includes an air conditioner, heating and separate apartments for every animal, supported by cosy pads.