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By 2012, the animals' situation in Ireland was worsening form day to day, so that we couldn't close our eyes anymore.The economical crisis was omnipresent in Ireland, and the first victims were animals that were neglected. Out of sheer misery, many pet-owners were no more able to buy food for their beloved pets. So the task  fell on us to put all efforts into supporting and rescuing every animal we can. With your support, we can not only secure, but also improve the help for those animals that have already found their way to our farm.

Questions regarding donations?
Which options are there?
Currently, we only have the possibility to receive donations via PayPal. It's the quickest and least expensive medium for donations, and in Addition donations from other countries and currencies don't require any additional fees.
Do you offer a donation receipt?
Due to us being located outside of Germany, we are sadly not able to offer a donation receipt that is accepted by our country's revenue board.
What are the donations used for?
Any money donated to us is used for pet-food and costs of veterinary care. As chronically ill animals live on our farm as well, the costs for veterinary care are significant.
What is the animal sponsorship-donation used for?
If you decide to become an animal-sponsor, you will be supporting one particular animal by a recurring payment (subscription). This monthly payment can conveniently done via PayPal. The amount you donate is exclusively used for the animal you are sponsoring, so ist Food and care costs. Obviously we will inform you about your protégé, how it is doing and developping, all due to your support!
How does the hay-sponsorship work?
We offer a hay-sponsorship for animals that cannot be placed outside of our farm, due to illnesses or similar reasons. As this is especially the case with older donkeys and horses, we offer you the opportunity to "feed" them through a regular donation, thus hay-sponsorship!





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